[Lyrics] Abba Father - Jo'anthony

Abba Father by Jo'anthony Lyrics
To the most High GOD, the one beyond our Galaxy...

Yes we call HIM ELOHIM
And we love to worship HIM

We love to call HIM YAHWEH
We love to worship HIM too
We love to call HIM YAHWEH
Oh yes we call HIM ABBA FATHER.

With a grateful heart and a heart full of praise LORD we come before your presence
We lift up Holy hands and we do obeisance to the GOD of our existence
Now we cast our crown and we sing you a psalm and we bow before you YAHWEH
Cos you are our GOD and the one we love to serve our ROCK and our fortress.

We lift up our voice and declare your goodness
You took our sorrow and you gave us gladness
You never withhold your mercy and kindness
The things that you do always leave us speechless
That's why we call you onise iyanu
The ever present help that always come through
Always mindful of the things I go through
I can't pay you back but will ever serve you.

HE is our ever present help and  HE is always right on time
HE is the lifter of our head and
HE's the lover of our soul
HE lives beyond our Galaxy
Yes we declare HIS majesty
Every nation all creation they all depend on HIM.

Let the words of our mouth,meditations of our heart be acceptable to you LORD
To the ancient of days, the beginning and the end all creation sing your praises
Glory be to you LORD as we sing you a song let your blessing come upon us
As we trust and obey may the life that we live be expression of your love and grace.

Now I ain't got no choice but to sing your praises
Praise you always cos you're so Amazing
You went to the cross cos you want to save us
You did it for us all because you love us
You are so gracious and full of compassion
The words of your mouth is back up with action
You are so great you rule in every nation
The love you got for us is more than sand on a seashore.

And to the great and mighty GOD
The one beyond our Galaxy
ABBA FATHER we bow before your holy throne and we worship at your  Holy feet
LORD JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth to you all glory be
Hahahaha Hallelujah.

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