RCCG Fasting and Prayer Points 2019

The Redeemed Christian Church of God prayer points for the 2019 fasting and prayer is here now.

FRIDAY 11th Jan 2019


  1. Praise and worship God and adore Him for His great and mighty works. Exo 15:11.
  2. Worship God for who He is. 1 Chron. 29:11-14; Psa. 96:9
  3. Thank God because none of your family members is missing. 
  4. Bless the Lord and praise Him continually for He has done marvelous things for us  Psalms 34:1
  5. Count your blessings and praise Him for His goodness and mercies to us in year 2018. Psalms 23:6
  6. Praise the Almighty who has not allowed the evils of our family backgrounds to drag us to the ground.
  7. Thank God for being our shield and shelter from the storms of life. Psalms 3:3
  8. Thank God very sincerely for His faithfulness in the past monthly and special programmes at home and abroad.
  9. Thank God for being our help in ages past and our hope for this new years . Psa. 90:1
  10. Thank God for His mercy that is renewed upon us every morning. 1 Chron. 16:3
  11. Thank Him for all the prophecies being fulfilled and prayers already answered and the glory encountered 

    SATURDAY 12th Jan 2019

    Let us reflect over the past year, and recall those areas of pitfalls with a willing mind to make amend.  On this premise we can come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need”. Heb 4;16

  12. Praise and worship
  13. Let us start by confessing our sins and that of others and plead for God’s mercy.( 1 Jn.1:8-9)
  14. Father, in your mercy, visit my life and remove every obstacle standing between me and you. Psa. 51:7-12
  15. Lord, purge me of all sins and of wrong steps taken by me in the past.
  16. Father have mercy on me and reverse every irreversible in my life this year. Ezek. 37:1-12
  17. Father forgives me for all my acts of unfaithfulness. ( Mention areas that you know,)
  18. My father, have mercy upon me, in the mighty name of Jesus. Psalms 51:1
  19. O God, hear my cry, cover me with your mercy, in the name of Jesus. Micah 7:18-19
  20. My father, show me your mercy and lead me in the right path in my business, family and office, in the name of Jesus. 1 John 1:9
  21. Father help me to forgive all those who offended me so that I myself can receive forgiveness Matt 6:14-15, Mark 11:25, Col 3:13
  22. Holy Spirit; perfect your work in my life. Reprove me of sin. Don’t let me be condemned with the world Joh_16:8 :

SUNDAY 13th Jan 2019 

DAY 3: DIVINE PARDONING THROUGH GOD’S MERCY- Lam. 3:22-23, John 8:1-11, Ps. 130:1-8, rom. 4:4, Ps. 32:2. Total amnesty from sins that held us bound is the exclusive of God’s mercy. His mercy is capable of granting us release from the punishment of our wrong actions or inactions.

  1. Appreciate God for his mercies again times and again.
  2. Father! As I repent and forsake my sins, set me free from every area the devil has been accusing me before you in Jesus name.
  3. As you grant that adulterous woman amnesty from those accusing her, liberate my destiny from Christ the brutal judgments of hell in Jesus name.
  4. Oh Lord my God! By your mercies, cancel every claim of my accusers and cause them to slip away one by one until there is none left in Jesus name.
  5. Father! Please, grant me comprehensive freedom from the conspiracies of Hell-bent individuals in Jesus name.
  6. By the mercies of God, no more condemnation against me, against your Church and my Nation in Jesus name.
  7. In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, I refuse to return to the valley of my old life of sin by the mercies of God.

MONDAY 14th Jan 2019 

DAY 4: PRAYER FOR DIVINE REVELATION- Text: Joel 2: 28-32, Pro. 20:12; Isaiah 6:1-8, Ps. 51:15; II Kings 6:16-17. Thank God for this year’s prophesies.

  1. Father!!! Cause my eyes to see the invisible this year in Jesus mighty name
  2. What ordinary eyes can’t see, let me see to behold the downfall of my enemies
  3. Father!!! By your divine revelation let me see the end of Goliath of my destiny
  4. Holy Spirit! Cause my hears to hear you speak loud and clear into me for direction throughout year 2018.
  5. My Father! My Father!! Cause me to hear new things that majority do not hear that will advertise destiny.
  6. Father! As I call upon you every day in this year, answer me by fire in Jesus name.
  7. Almighty God! Order my eyes to see visions and my ears to hear the inaudible in Jesus name.
  8. Oh God my father! You are the master strategist; give me a greater vision of your purpose for my life this year.
  9. Father! Awaken my heart and establish your reign in my life this year.
  10. Any enemy of my good dreams shall receive arrow of death and frustration in Jesus name.
  11. Power behind the limitation of my Godly dreams, catch fire in Jesus name.
  12. Every power that hate to see my dream manifest, be destroy by fire in Jesus name.


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