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Maewo the US-based gospel artiste, worshiper, and prolific songwriter releases her much-anticipated music video titled "The Lion and the Lamb"

As the passage of time and the shifting of seasons bring about changes, our human experiences often limit the frequency of divine visitations. In response to this, we establish a sacred place of worship, an altar, to proclaim the eternal reign of Yeshua's Kingdom. Yeshua, being timeless and ageless, remains constant throughout the ages - yesterday, today, and forever.

The lion and the lamb, once seemingly disparate entities, now symbolize the harmonious union of strength and gentleness, power and humility, in the person of Jesus Christ. The lion, a majestic creature of might and regality, represents Christ's kingly authority and triumphant victory over darkness. Meanwhile, the lamb, with its gentle gaze and sacrificial spirit, embodies Christ's selfless love and redemptive grace. Together, they convey the paradoxical beauty of a Savior who reigns with both fierce majesty and tender compassion, inviting all to find refuge in His embrace.

In light of this truth, we commit ourselves to perpetual worship, expressing our adoration through the psalm of Hallelujah.

Our souls will resound with joyful songs, and our King will be exalted above all.

The Lion and the Lamb (Lyrics)
Your Kingdom shall reign forever
Amen Amen
Your Kingdom shall reign forever
The one who sits upon the throne

Hallelujah to the Lion and the Lamb

Hallelujah to the Lion and the Lamb

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