(MUSIC+ LYRICS) Ifenna by Fr. Gabriel Okeke


Gospel Minister and Reverend, Fr. Gabriel Okeke releases a new song titled "Ifenna".
Speaking about the song, he said:
The song “Ifenna” is a song of thanksgiving for all he has done. Our God is awesome and will forever be faithful to his children

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Lyrics: Ifenna by Fr. Gabriel Okeke


Ife mmadụ eyiteghi n’uche ya
I ma na Chineke emeworo m ya

You lit the light
They took to flight
So ceased the night
Mercy shone so bright
It quenched the plight

You flew him high
There in the sky
You let him fly
He perched on the wings of Light
Jesus the Light

Ife Nna meere m ee
Ọ dị m mma ee
M ga ekele ya
Ruo mgbe nile ee

Ife Nna meere m di ukwu
Ife Nna meere m di ukwu
Ife Nna meere m di ukwu
Ọnụ m apụghị ịkọ cha

Anyị ebunye gị Onyenweanyị iko nke nzọpụta
Nara onyinye Chineke
Nara onyinye di mma

Na-arịọ ka I kwe ka ọ bata n'alaeze Gị
Nara onyinye Chineke
Nara onyinye di mma

M'ọlị, m'ọlị, m'ọlị
Ee m'ọlị
(E wezuga Jesus, o nweghị ife m ga-emenwu ee, menwu ee, menwu ee, ee, eee!)

Ma m enweghị ife enwere m Jesu
ọ dịghị ife kọrọ m m'ọlị

We give you thanks
With lifted hands
This is our chance
To raise You our song and dance
Jesus our dance!

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