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In August 2019, a friend of mine invited me to an event organized by JCCF (Joint Campus Christian Fellowship) FUTA. I sat down listening and then the preacher said: “turn to you, your neighbour and tell him/her I am not normal.” I was angry and wanted to leave. I told my neighbour that I am normal. Something just kept me waiting. Sincerely, in my mind, I was like look at this small boy preaching. After 10 minutes of waiting, he led the prayer and I heard screams from everywhere. During the last 10 minutes of the event, testimonies started rolling in. The lame walk, menstrual pains disappear, deaf hear, abdominal pain is gone, even partial blindness healed. I asked who is the guest? A friend answered “so you don’t know Lawrence Oyor?”, I don’t, I replied but that was just the beginning of it all. I studied him afterwards and today I will be sharing you Lawrence Oyor biography while revealing secrets you never knew about him.

Summary About Lawrence’s biography

Full Name: Lawrence Oyor

Relationship: Married

Place of Birth: Nigeria

State of Origin: Oyo State

Age: 29 years old

Date of birth: June 16th, 1991

Profession: Gospel Minister

Speciality: Evangelist

Degree: of Law

Tertiary Institution: University Of Ibadan

Network: Not estimated

Contact details: Message Lawrence

Who is He?

Evangelist Lawrence Oyor as he is popularly called is a Nigeria Gospel Minister who is a revivalist. Who aims to win the world for Christ. He was bred in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. He went to the University of Ibadan in Oyo State. He graduated from the Department of Law. Reverend Gomba Oyor is the dad to Evangelist Lawrence Oyor. He is the Senior Pastor of “God Will Do It Ministries'' located in Ibadan, a city in Oyo state in the western part of Nigeria. Lawrence Oyor is a renowned evangelist known for his undying passion, love and hunger for God. Through him, millions of many have developed a hunger for God. He is a catalyst of hunger, love and passion for God.

Lawrence Oyor gained admission into the University Of Ibadan in 2008 with his twin brother, They both studied Law and Graduated in 2013.

When is His Birthday?

Lawrence  was born on June 16th, 1991, a star was born, his mother looked at the newborn lad and she saw God in him, then she prophesied into his life and called him Lawrence meaning “fame bearer, bright.” Godswill means “the will of God.” When I put it together, I got to understand that, the parent calling them Godswill and Lawrence means they got a revelation from God saying “the will of God for the life of these children is to become famous/successful.”

This tells us that “a child's name determines a lot about his/her destiny.”

Who is Lawrence Oyor's Spiritual Father?

Lawrence Oyor's spiritual father is Reverend Gomba Oyor who happens to be his dad. WhenReverend Gomba Oyor was celebrating his 61st birthday, Lawrence said “Happy birthday to my Father, physical and spiritual. This man is great on many levels. A strong cover and support. Happy 61st birthday to the general himself.”

Is Lawrence Oyor Married?

As of the time of writing, Lawrence is married to Darasimi Bamiloye. They got married October 10th. Below is the clip of their wedding picture.

How to reach out to Lawrence?

To reach out to Theophilus Sunday, you can connect with him and follow these steps below:

Step 1: Follow him on Telegram

Step 2: Tell a story about the event you want to invite him to and put this in the conclusion “we would love to have you as an honoured guest for (event name).”

Step 3: Send him a private message by clicking “Message” in his Instagram profile.

Sample message 

“Hi (name), 

I am (name). We met in (write down event or place he has ministered which you attended). I was inspired and got into the spirit immediately you sang (his song title name). 

We are organizing an event (details about event) and we would love to have you as a guest for the event. We would appreciate if you can come around and revive (location) turning the zeal of youths back to God.

I anticipate positive feedback from you soonest.

Thank you

Best regards,


(contact details)

I hope I have successfully revealed hidden secrets you never knew about Lawrence and given working hacks on how to contact him?

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