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In August 2019, a friend of mine invited me to an event organized by JCCF (Joint Campus Christian Fellowship) FUTA. I sat down listening and then the preacher said: “turn to you, your neighbour and tell him/her I am not normal.” I was angry and wanted to leave. I told my neighbour that I am normal. Something just kept me waiting. Sincerely, in my mind, I was like look at this small boy preaching. After 10 minutes of waiting, he led the prayer and I heard screams from everywhere. During the last 10 minutes of the event, testimonies started rolling in. The lame walk, menstrual pains disappear, deaf hear, abdominal pain is gone, even partial blindness healed. I asked who is the guest? A friend answered “so you don’t know Lawrence Oyor?”, I don’t, I replied but that was just the beginning of it all. I studied him afterwards and today I will be sharing you Lawrence Oyor biography while revealing secrets you never knew about him Lawrence Oyor biography - 5 secrets you never knew

Let do a quick quiz.

How many songs have Lawrence Oyor released/sang?

Complete List Lawrence Oyor Songs

Lawrence draws songs result from the secret place and with these songs you can launch into a higher realm of worship. He is a Nigerian vibrant and spirit-filled gospel minister, a man full of the auction of revival. Lawrence Oyor worships mp3 songs are a blessing and serves as a revival to the oppressed.

He has released a total of 54 songs. 


At what age did you get to know that Lawrence has sung 54 songs?

I challenge you to download Lawrence Oyor songs today.

In a couple of weeks, we would be releasing the download link to each of the songs.

Thank you for reading.

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